How To Take Awesome Photos When Hiking

Amateur photography has been well-favored with the increasing availability of low-cost cameras. So, it is no surprise that you will find people taking photos wherever you may be. When you go out and explore nature, you will find even more reason to capture the moment. However, if you really want to upgrade your photography skills, you won’t just depend on technology. Remember that a great image is not only a result of a high-quality camera, but it relies heavily on the photographer’s creativity. The next time to you head out with friends to hike, make sure that you don’t just have the best camera for hiking but you also come prepared to create photos that stand out from the rest.

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We hope you will find these tips helpful. If you think you are doing things differently, we will appreciate it if you will share the techniques that you are applying, and, perhaps, the things that you use to create a different snap of the same scenes and subjects.

Nature photography, especially on higher altitudes create a different set of challenges. But if you come prepared, you will be able to enjoy the beauty around you, go through the route successfully, and take some stunning photographs as you go.

Plan ahead

The first thing that you need to do is to have some control over the result of your experience is to plan your hike. Locate a trail that will allow you to diversify your portfolio. You will need to know as much as you can about the location, including previous stories published about the trail. Study the photos taken by other photographers on the location. Check out the details of the images that they took. How did they capture the images? Plan how you can create a different point of view from all the subjects or scenes available. You will also need to look for hot spots and have them listed in your journal or notebook. List the things or scenes that you need to include in your collection. You may need to review them along the way or at a time more convenient for you while you are in the location.

Be prepared

Hiking does not only require physical strength, but you need to be mentally prepared as well. During the hike, you cannot be certain of the changes that may happen, even if you are well aware of the location. You may have studied previous hikes done in the location, know the hot spots, are familiar with the wildlife, and have studied several photographs taken by other hikers. Still, you cannot be certain if the prevailing elements will change as you journey. When the journey becomes too taxing for several reasons (either known and unknown), it can be easier to just give up and just turn back even if you are just half the track if you are not mentally prepared. Bringing hike or travel buddies can provide you with the positive support that will push you to proceed and even complete your photo essay.

You also need to be physically prepared. You will need to make sure that everything that you need for a successful and enjoyable hike has been prepared, including the food and drinks that will sustain you throughout the hike. You’ll also need to make sure that you put on an adequate layer of clothes. If it gets too warm for you, just remove a layer or two. Just make sure you wear the appropriate clothing because if you don’t photography can become pretty difficult for you.

Pack light

Just bring the necessary items that you need for the hike. Remember that if you are doing photography while on the go, your camera and other paraphernalia will be heavy already. Although you can hire or ask someone to help you carry your things, it won’t always be a practical thing. Besides, you can’t always ask someone you really don’t know to help you get the things that you need from your backpack. Your camera may also require additional gears such as a lens that can easily get lost if you have so many things with your backpack. You can have a separate case for the camera, but it will be cumbersome to take action photos when you still have to take the cam from the case. You’ll just have to make sure that everything that you need is easily accessible so that you can capture a scene in a snap.

Hire a photographer-friendly guide

Don’t look for just any other guide. You will need someone who will be patient enough when you need to stop several times along the way to take a snap of a stunning scene or a wildlife. Hire one that works well with photographers, so you won’t have to remind him every now and then of the things that he needs to do. This lessens the stress and will also help you have a better experience.

Familiarize yourself with your camera settings

You may need to practice taking photos using the setting as well. Take note that you won’t have the time to think about which settings are best for a particular scene when you are already in the field. You should already know which setting to use any time and be ready in case there is a change in light or the other elements in the scene.

Even if you have checked the setting while preparing the things that you need for the hike, you still need to make sure that you check the camera settings before you shoot. If not, you might just end up disappointed with the quality of photos that you may get. It ends up being a waste of time, so take a few minutes even before you leave your house to check the settings. Make sure that you also have all your batteries charged, lens covers, rain shields, and have some extra storage discs in your bag as well.

Bring the best camera for hiking

It would definitely help if you can find a camera that can withstand varying conditions. Take note that the conditions in higher altitudes can change any time. To compensate for this, you need to make sure to bring some backup gear in case the rainshower turns to an unexpectedly warm and sunny hour.


Taking stunning photos while hiking can help you remember every step you take while on the trail. It will also help people see what you were able to see and experience. Consider these tips as you plan for your next hiking trip and create amazing photos that you can keep for a lifetime.

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