1. When and where do we meet for pick up?

For trips organized by AJ pick up is from Accra Mall and Tema kolors pub. But for trips organized for special groups pick up is determined by client.

2. Where is/are the drop off point(s)?

Drop of points will be same as pick up points for every event. For customers whose drop off points may be along the routes of our return journey you can be dropped off on request.

3. How are payment made?

Payments are made via the susuga media bank account at designated banks and payments can also be made at the Adventure Junkies office in Tema or any authorized adventure junkies agent.

4. What is the deadline for payment?

Deadlines for payments are decided and scheduled according to the nature of a particular event but mostly it is a week prior to the departure date

5. How is booking made for a trip?

Bookings can be made online via our website or social media profiles. Also bookings can be made over the phone to the Adventure Junkies office.

6. How do I get notifications on up coming trips?

Notifications of upcoming trips are communicated to our customers via our website, and other networks as well as through radio and TV ads. Also e-mail messages and facebook posts are sent to our previous customers whose contact details we have

7. What does package include and exclude?

The standard and basic service includes transport accommodation, drinks and food. But some events may include extra incentives or minus some of these provisions depending on the customers preference and nature of the event.

8. What happens if I miss the bus?

In the event where a client should miss the bus steps would be taken to provide alternate transport if reason for missing bus is plausible or a possible reschedule on another trip. But if bus was missed due to clients own lateness it shall be considered as a no show and no refund will be given to the client.

9. What kind of accommodations do we expect to get?

On trips where we have to stay over we provide a minimum 3 star hotel service with upgrades on requests and it it’s a a camping event secure camping areas and breakfast can be guaranteed.

10. What is the number of people on each trip and their minimum age?

The minimum age on adventure junkies organized trip is 18 yrs as we serve alcohol and trips are of an adult theme. Also the number of people varies on each event but keep a max limit of 50 people per trip.

11. Will I need extra money for the trip?

Well it is essential to carry money on these trips as clients may like to purchase souvenirs from the places visited or make contributions towards other things that might interest the client.

12. What gear do I need to bring?

Comfortable gear is always recommended. A pair of comfortable sneakers is advised as well as some basic sanitary needs that u may require. But since each trip is a diff activity the required gear will be posted by the event ad.

13. Do you make provisions for special dietary needs?

Yes we do make provision for special dietary need on special request by a client. But this request must be made on day of confirming your booking for the trip.

14. What happens if trip is cancelled?

If a trip is cancelled all customers booked on that trip will be notified prior to the day of the trip and refunds or vouchers for other trips may be given where necessary.

15. Is the trip covered by insurance?

Yes all our buses and events are third party insured and such you can relax and have some adventurous fun.

16. Do you organize private tours?

Yes we organize bespoke tours for groups and individuals who and tailor these trips to suit client needs and lifestyle.